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Dying Day

by Abbie Barrett

Released 2008
Released 2008
unique compositions, intelligent lyrics, and a smoky, sweet voice…abbie barrett should be on every music lover’s radar.
“Abbie Barrett has the kind of voice that people can try for years to obtain, but for her it comes effortlessly. Her singing is flawless, smoky, and sweet, and her sense of arrangement and instrumentation is nothing short of classy."—Eilen Jewell, musician

"When Abbie Barrett visits WERS again in the future, it will be downright mind boggling to hear what she will have come up with. Barrett seems completely unafraid to tackle genres far out of what is expected of her, and this will undoubtedly reap benefits in the future."—WERS (Emerson College Radio)

"Boston area singer-songwriter Abbie Barrett (Runner-up award winner at the 4th Annual IAMA), has only been writing music for about two years and has been playing shows for about a year, yet her music and lyrics shows depth and maturity far beyond her experience...Abbie shows a lot of promise."
RATING: **** (4.5 out of 5 Stars)—International Acoustic Music Awards

Barrett is refreshing, a bright light among others of her genre...All in all, Barrett’s diversity keeps me guessing… and I like it."—Julia R. DeStefano in The Noise magazine

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