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The Triples

by Abbie Barrett & the Last Date

Released 2014
Beige Bomber Records
Released 2014
Beige Bomber Records
Everything from dreamy soundscapes inspired by the late 1970s Laurel Canyon scene, to pop-psychedelia from the late 60s, to modern indie rock.
Such boldface names as Neko Case, Lana Del Rey, Cat Power, and Fiona Apple have been tossed about to describe the sound of Boston’s Abbie Barrett & The Last Date, but the massed vocal harmonies in this song off their forthcoming album, The Triples, reminds us of David Crosby’s brilliant but now largely forgotten 1971 solo LP If I Could Only Remember My Name — jazzed with the proggy propulsive drive of Annie Haslam and Renaissance.—The Big Takeover

The musicianship is talented to say the least, and with the band’s combination of sharp lyricism, earthy rhythms, and social awareness, Abbie Barrett & The Last Date are sure to gain more recognition in the future.—SoundSense Online

Abbie Barrett & The Last Date give us a dreamy, Pink Floydesque ballad in the shape of “Draw Me In,” a track on their new EP.—The Mad Mackerel

The first volume of Abbie Barrett & The Last Date’s series of Triples shows off the range in talent of both the singer and her band. Whether you want to jam out to “Here To Stay” or sway and bask in the romance of “Draw Me In,” Abbie Barrett & The Last Date provide it.—The Aquarian Weekly

Barrett is refreshing, a bright light among others of her genre.—Julia R. DeStefano, The Noise

This ... CD is actually as complete and diverse as any other I have ever come across. With each track sounding miles apart from the next, it not only strengthens the band's ability to cross genre's and musical stylings, it also avoids the pigeon hole of a one trick pony.—Joseph Graham, AudioFloss

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